5 Things your Athletic Child Needs from their Dad

Sharing a common passion for sports with your children is an awesome bonding experience. Dad's are their biggest fan, encourager, supporter, and provider when it comes to their athletic journey. And whether your child likes sports, music, art or science, your child wants your support! Here are 5 things your children need from you.

1. Be their Biggest Fan

Remember your child views you as their first love and hero. If they know, without a doubt, their father believes in them, you have won half the battle. Be their cheerleader on the sidelines, a supporter of their goals, and greatest helper to achieve their dreams.

2. Be Supportive

If your child sees you involved in their passions, it will drive them to want to be the best they can be. Even though your schedule is busy, stick around and watch practice. Go outside and throw the football around or play tennis with them. They want you to get your hands a little dirty. Make it a priority to take time to help and instruct them. Most importantly, be their greatest encourager.

3. Be a Motivator

Take time to motivate their competitiveness. Go for a jog together, or wake up early and work out every day with your child. Set goals and competitions and watch your child achieve them! Then talk about the progress that was made from the prior week. You can incorporate competitions in your daily lives. These competitions can be as easy as who can clean their rooms the fastest or who can run around the block the quickest. Make the process of motivating your child’s competitiveness fun, enjoyable, encouraging, and rewarding.

4. Teach them Perseverance and Hard Work

They say that sports mirrors life...and you have to work hard to succeed in both. Teach your child the importance of grinding, hard work, and perseverance because without these three things, they will never be able to accomplish their goals. Encourage your child not to give up, especially during the most difficult circumstances. Listen to their frustrations, hold them in your arms, empathize with them, but then make sure to build them back up so that when they walk away, they are stronger than they were before.

5. Celebrate your Children

Be their biggest supporter AND their biggest celebrator. Let them know how proud you are of them each and every day. The score of the game does not define them...what is in their heart does. Create a routine with your child (after their game or meet) as a special way to talk about their goals and achievements. It’s the little, spontaneous encouragements and actions that will mean the world to them.

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